34 crazy MLB statistical coincidences that are almost too unbelievable to be true

34 crazy MLB statistical coincidences that are almost too unbelievable to be true
Stan Musial rapped out 3,630 hits during his 22 glorious seasons with the Cardinals, the fourth-highest total in MLB history.

Musial, a model of sustained, consistent excellence during his Hall of Fame career, had exactly 1,815 hits at home and 1,815 hits on the road. And though he obviously wasnt much of a stolen-base threat, he also had exactly 39 stolen bases at home and 39 on the road.



СϡƣKen Griffey Jr.š

ҲõIJ֣ MusialdzStan The ManGriffeyǺӡ




?ƶ£Cecil Fielder198521ʱ״MLBŬӣBlue JaysһҵһĻ1989ձ106л38ݴϻ1990ĴڽУǴ˿־ǿ֮һ


Both Cecil and Prince finished with exactly 319 career home runs.

Both had one season with a home run total in the 50s, one season with a home run total in the 40s and four seasons with a home run total in the 30s.

Oh, and for both father and son, exactly 40 percent of their hits in their career went for extra bases, and exactly 22 percent of the balls they put in play were line drives. And then, theres this bit of jaw-dropping info

Yeah. Thats the kind of stuff were going to talk about today. Buckle up.

??Jim Perry pitched 17 years in the big leagues, finishing second in the 1959 Rookie of the Year race and winning the 1970 AL Cy Young, after a third-place finish the previous season.

The last decision of his career came on July 29, 1975; he gave up five earned runs in a game his As lost, 6-1, to the Rangers. That left his career W/L record at 215-174. He made two more relief appearances and then, with a 5.38 ERA on the season, Oakland released the 39-year-old right-hander, and he retired to become a scout with the As.

His younger brother, Gaylord, was still in the prime of his career in 1975. Hed been traded from Cleveland to Texas in June and caught fire for the Rangers down the stretch. In 13 starts from mid-June to mid-September, he posted a 9-3 record and 1.69 ERA. The right-hander was brilliant again on Sept. 21 six days after his 37th birthday allowing just two runs in a complete-game win in Chicago against the White Sox.

The decision gave him a 215-174 career record,?the same as his brothers.

It didnt last long, unfortunately. Gaylord won his final start of the season his 25th complete game effort of the season to improve to 216-174. He would pitch another eight years in the bigs, retiring at 44 with 314 career wins.

??Brothers B.J. and Justin Upton both hit their 99th career home runs on the same day, July 20, 2012: B.J. for the Rays at home vs. the Mariners and Justin for the Diamondbacks at home vs. the Astros.

And they both hit their 100th career homers on the same day, too!

Those came on Aug. 3: B.J. at home vs. the Orioles and Justin on the road against the Phillies. In the 10 games between those two home runs, each brother had seven hits: six singles and an extra-base hit (double for B.J., triple for Justin).

??Joe DiMaggio owns the longest hitting streak in Yankees history (MLB history, too), with his epic 56-game streak in 1941. Everyone knows this, of course. But who owns the longest hitting streak in the history of the Red Sox, the Yankees arch-rival?

That title belongs to a DiMaggio, too. Joes younger brother, Dom, had a 34-game hitting streak for the Red Sox in 1949. In case you were wondering, oldest brother Vince DiMaggios longest streak of games with at least one hit was 12, for the Pirates in 1941.

Heres a fun DiMaggio brothers fact: Joe struck out only 369 times in his entire career, spanning 4,313 plate appearances, and never more than the 39 times he struck out in his rookie season of 1936. Vince, on the other hand, was more of a free swinger. He led the NL in strikeouts six times once when he only played 109 of the 154 games and if you add the strikeout totals of his three worst seasons (1937, 1938 and 1943), you get a total of 371 strikeouts in 1,801 PAs. Yep, more than Joes entire career. On the other hand, you would need Joes four worst seasons to top Vinces single-season high of 134.

Dom, by the way, was more Joe than Vince he played 10 full seasons in the bigs, with a low of 46 and a high of 68.

??Knuckleball pitcher Joe Niekro came to the plate 1,165 times in his 22-year career. He hit exactly one home run, in a game his Astros won?4-3?against the Braves on May 29, 1976.



?ˡʲMike TreshڴЧ12꣬11ǰӵ11ꡣ19490.335Ļٷְֱҵġ




Aurelio Monteagudo1963굽1973ڴаݣ1990ȥ46ꡣ¡޵˹AurelioRodrguez1967굽1983Ч2000ȥʱһ·ߣ޵˹Rodrguezǵɵһˣμǩ¡˹AurelioLpez1974굽1987Ч1992ȥ44꣬պһ죬ʱӳӵϡ


?µĴ22ԱǵְҵУֻγ167ݴ޹ص񡤻£Ryan Howard͸ˡ£Frank Howard




¡ĪҮEd Moyer1910ΪԱμ19621118ȥ

סĪҮJamie Moyerڴл25ı19621118ճ


?¿˹Oakland Sluggerĸ.247ʤǰļ꣺.244.220

?ɽSlugger Vinny Castilla19961997ꡭ



?Braves Slugger Dale Murphy1982굽1985ꡭ





?ɫ/β/sluggerǵ˶Adam Dunn







?slugger˼Ī£Keith Moreland1982굽1986ꡭ






?ⲢMusialڼ͵·ϵ1,815УDz鿴óԱCarlton FiskHome/Roadݴѡ



Щȫͬǵ̸Pudge FiskʱǽPudge Rodriguezһý֣죺

Pudge F68.4 Bwar1,330 RBI.797 OPS128 SB

Pudge R68.7 Bwar1,332 RBI.798 OPS127 SB

?¶˿Babe RuthdzMLBְҵıݴ쵼ߣӵ714

ŵ𰲣Nolan RyanְҵˣMLBְҵˣ5,714

Ŷ¶˿Ruth1927ӵĻʤΪ.714110-44̸¶˿ʱȤǣؾյڴŮԱ١أBetty White֮ǰ162αݴ򣬳552

?ǵ1988721ճĽɣJay Buhner-for Kenƶ˹Jay Buhnerķƶ˹Phelps𣿵Ȼˡ˹̹Frank Costanza󺰵ƶ£Seinfeld㵽ôɣJay Buhnerdzͷβı־ԡ


ɣBuhnerˮֶӣ.224ƽ10ݴ25 RBI

ƶ˹.224ƽ10ݴ22 rbi

?Ͷס˹ˣWarren Spahnְҵ…

Ͷ363ʤ – 356ʿ4󶼻ӣ3˶

363 – 356ʿ4д󶼻ӣ3




?Lou Gehrig˵ô



Gehrigܹ927ջαݴ19311933꣩lefty Grove

?Ұǡ£Joe DiMaggio1936굽1951Ч2,214ɣ Red SoxBobby Doerr1937굽1951򣬲2,042ɡڵڶսڼ䶼ھжȹһʱ䣬С


ǣǼ4,256 – Pete RoseʱPete RoseȷMLBʷ쵼ߡ

?ˡʩأMike Schmidt548ݴְҵġԲαı500MLBд˱ݴ


?2009413ڵɶȹһ죬ʱ¶37нм飬19 mphٶȴ󳡴

DzûдŽ÷Ⱦϡϻӵ׷Zack Minerϻ2-1ǽϵĵڶݴְҵĵĵ300ݴ򡣱ޡɿƣPaul KonerkoǣļΪ3-2Ȼ󷸹һ򳡡󹤴λãKonerkoǽsm




?Ǽڵɵһ졣 A.J. PierzynskiWhite SoxĽ֣֥ӸݵKonerko Pierzynskiְҵĵ۷״̬2009꿪ֻķ֮һ – ͿɿƵıݴ – ƽˮƽΪ.182


Ƿ飺ALNLʷУʷе – ͳлЩȷеʱⲢһŵ׳٣סSammy Sosa60ݴҲûдNLκһڰʷϣΨһˣе顣лķɭJim Passonűʯ

ֵָǣLorenzo CainᡤգDanny Heep򡤸˹Nellie Foxﵽ.300/49֣ûдӬͳƣֱ¼245

?1906СͶֽܿˡ̩գJack TaylorOrval



̩գTaylorͶ3 1/3֣ʱã1.831.88ԣOrvalָãTho

?ʹHank Aaronȫ755ݴȻ3,000еĸԭ3,016Τ¡˹Wade Boggs

?ŵ𰲣Nolan Ryan5,714ְҵһ桰ʹ



ʹ30֮ǰÿ – ס19ʱ״ – Ȼ3,629֣⽫ʷϵ߸



ְҵУ𰲣Ryanƭӣӵеıݴ¼޽ܡ˹Roger MarisˡMark McGwireͰ£Barry Bonds㱾ݴΪ28.179ı – ʵʣ𰲣RyanΪ11

?ˡķˣMark Lemke¸ߣBravesʮӢۣ3,664ְҵ¶棬δ򳡻С


ȫǡ׻MLB¼ڶDZȶBill Bergenռ3,234




?óԱˡ˹Frank Thomasͽܷ򡤰͸Jeff Bagwell1968527ա

??The first nine players to win back-to-back MVPs fill up the nine positions on the field (well, kinda; Mantle and Murphy were both primarily center fielders. Maris played right).

C: Yogi Berra, Yankees, 1954-55

1B: Jimmie Foxx, As 1932-32

2B: Joe Morgan, Reds, 1975-76

SS: Ernie Banks, Cubs, 1958-59

3B: Mike Schmidt, Phillies, 1980-81

OF: Mickey Mantle, Yankees, 1956-57

OF: Roger Maris, Yankees, 1960-61

OF: Dale Murphy, Braves, 1982-83

SP: Hal Newhouser, Tigers, 1944-45

??CC Sabathia threw 96.4 percent of his career innings for the Yankees (1,918) and Indians (1,528 2/3), but his career ERA (3.74) is lower than either his ERA for the Yankees (3.81) or for the Indians (3.83).

Thats how good he was in 2008 for Milwaukee, when he posted a 1.65 ERA for the Brewers in 130 2/3 innings after the trade from Cleveland.

Oh, and that year he tied for the NL lead with three shutouts and tied for the AL lead with two shutouts.

??Placido Polanco is the all-time leader in fielding percentage at second base (.993, 8,462 innings) and the all-time leader in fielding percentage at third base (.983, 6,061 innings).

??In 2004, Barry Bonds had 120 intentional walks. Eric Chavez led the entire AL with 95 walks, total.

??There were eight World Series games played in Minnesotas Metrodome aka The Homer Dome and Terry Pendeltons teams lost all eight: four in the 1987 World Series and four in the 1991 World Series.

? And lets end this where the 2021 baseball season ended.

Hank Aaron, the legendary slugger who wore No. 44 in 20 of his 21 unforgettable seasons with the Braves 12 in Milwaukee and nine after the move to Atlanta died last January, at 86 years old. His was a life so very well lived.

In the first season after his death, his Braves won 44 games before the All-Star break, 44 games after the All-Star break and then won the World Series in the 44th week of the year.


Come back soon, baseball.